Thank you for visiting the portfolio of Joanna Lester-George. I am a Freelance Writer and Creative Professional born with a passion for the written and spoken word. Shortly after my first story was published at the age of five, I announced my ambition to be ‘an authoresss’ (I'd just lost my two front teeth). I made my dream happen and went onto become both a writer and a performer.

After studying English/Theatre Arts at The Goldsmiths University of London, I went on to graduate as a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Sussex in 1995. Inspired by the unprecedented travel opportunities that had become affordable to women, I launched myself straight from university into two years of non-stop globe trotting - and have remained an intrepid traveller ever since. A Creative Professional must learn to wear many hats and these travel adventures led to a diverse and rewarding career in a variety of international destinations.

In 2006, I decided to leave the UK and make India my 'Other Motherland.' Based in sleepy South Goa, I am a WFH pioneer - an entrepreneur, luxury travel company director and freelance writer - as well as a solo parent to my son born in Goa in 2008. Having written the content for many travel guides, magazines and websites, I offer a dedicated and professional approach in delivering commissions. Visual evocation is also a forte and I love nothing more than to transport readers to a different time and place using rich narratives and vivid descriptions.

My ongoing role as Director of KOKOindia Luxury Travels involves designing bespoke holidays, retreats and safaris across India with authenticity and style. As a Destination Specialist for 'The Most Extraordinary Country on Earth' since 2007, I have travelled extensively around the sub-continent reviewing hundreds of hotel, dining and destination experiences - some samples of which you will find on this site.

I devised the full content for my company website www.kokoindialuxurytravels.com, as well as for many other hotel and retreat websites. I enjoy creating ongoing blogs, reviews and humorous tales of life in India across various social media platforms and you can visit http://kokoindialuxurytravels.com/stories/ to find my latest stories.

With a broad and professional understanding of the technical and creative writing skills required for each individual assignment, I am happy to receive commissions for features and articles on a wide range of topics. I also provide proofreading and content for websites and marketing campaigns.

Please feel free to contact me at Joanna@kokoindia.com or by phone - I look forward to having a friendly chat with you.