Joanna Lester-George


Travel and Lifestyle Writer. Independent Hotel & Restaurant Reviewer. Features Interviewer.

Thank you for visiting the portfolio of Joanna Lester-George. I am a British Freelance Writer who has lived and travelled all over the world, and who for the past twelve years has resided in Goa, south India. With a strong background in creative writing, I began writing professionally for travel guides and magazines in 2011, and my articles, features and reviews have been featured in publications such as The Footprint Hand Guide to India, Malli, 'Wine and Dine' and the popular Planet Goa. for which I am a regular contributor.

Being a Freelance Travel Writer works perfectly alongside my role as Director of KOKOindia the Travel Company. KOKOindia is a luxury and boutique travel consultancy which specialises in stylish holidays, retreats and safaris across India. Every bespoke holiday is designed on the basis of firsthand and personal recommendations, a dream job (most of the time) which allows me to travel extensively both in India and internationally with my young son.

My years of working in the travel industry have afforded me the opportunity to extensively review hundreds of hotel, dining and destination experiences, samples of which can be found here. The new KOKOindia website is currently in redesign (to be published soon), for which I devised the full content and which showcases ongoing reviews and humorous tales of life in India. One of my specialist fields is Family Holidays and I am currently commissioned to write further articles for Seven Suitcases as their Destination Guide Writer for Rajasthan.

With a strong understanding of the technical and creative writing skills essential for writing and editing projects, I am happy to receive commissions for features and articles on a wide range of topics, as well as proofreading and providing content for websites and adverts.

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