Joanna Lester-George

Joanna Lester-George

Goa , India and London/Brighton, UK

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Shortly after my first story was published at the age of five, I announced my ambition to be β€œan authoressss.” (I had a lisp.) I have always loved writing β€” from the poems and stories I wrote as a child, prize winning essays at school, epic journals and blogs about world travel and, in more recent years, the content for my rather expansive travel website.

Life took me in a very different direction for much of my adulthood when I opted instead to be a struggling, albeit sometimes working, actor. My forties however have seen me return to my original vocation with gusto. During the past eight years of living in India, I have become a doting mother and the Director of my own Travel Company - but I have also had the opportunity to become a published writer of travel experiences, reviews and interviews.

My aim is to create a strong visual through words, transporting the reader to a different time and place with rich narratives and vivid descriptions. As a young(er) student of English, Drama and Law, I learnt how to hone my writing skills and how to critique my own work and that of others. A broad spectrum of life experiences gained through twenty five years of independent travel and a variety of work roles - a struggling actor wears many hats - has given me the confidence and skill set to write articulately and conscientiously on almost any subject.

A fellow entrepreneur once told me that we are pioneers of the modern working world, running our own global businesses from the beach. I have been lucky enough to carve out a career and a lifestyle that work perfectly together hand in hand β€” and I am learning so much along the way that, in terms of my future as a writer, the world is my oyster.


L.L.B Batchelor of Laws in Law
The University of Sussex, England, June 1995