Joanna Lester-George

Joanna Lester-George

I am based out of South Goa (India) and London/Brighton (UK)

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Shortly after my first story was published at the age of five, I announced my ambition to be β€œan authoressss.” (I had a lisp.) I have always loved writing, from the endless poems and stories of my childhood, to prize winning articles in local newspapers, my eternally epic travel journals and, since 2007, all of the social media and content for my travel company.(

Life took me in a different direction for much of my adulthood, when I opted to be an actor and voice over artist, as well as a world traveller. My forties however have seen me return to my original vocation with gusto. During my years of living in India, I have become a doting mother to my son and the Director of my own travel company - yet I have also had the opportunity to become a published writer of travel experiences, reviews and interviews.

My aim is to create a strong visual through words, transporting the reader to a different time and place with rich narratives and vivid descriptions. As a student of English, Drama and Law, I learnt how to hone my writing skills and how to critique my own work and that of others. A broad spectrum of life experiences gained through twenty five years of independent travel and a variety of work roles - a struggling actor wears many hats - has given me the confidence and skill set to write articulately and conscientiously on almost any subject.

A fellow entrepreneur once told me that here in Goa we are pioneers of the modern working world, running our own global businesses from the beach. I have been lucky enough to carve out a career and a lifestyle that work perfectly together hand in hand - and I am learning so much along the way that, in terms of my future as a writer, the world is my oyster.


Joanna completed her education in England and graduated from the University of Sussex in 1995 with an LLB Law Degree (2’1). She went onto become a dynamic and dedicated employee for creative project based companies in Brighton, London, Sydney, Melbourne and Amsterdam. Her confidence and extremely broad skill set enabled her to learn new roles quickly in varied and international working environments. If you can spot a few gaps in her Employment History, this is a good thing! Joanna has always been a keen traveller and has set off on many adventures (often solo) across Asia, South America, Central America and Australasia. UK and international roles have included: *Private Receptionist to the Governor of Victoria, Melbourne (1995-1996) *Freelance Voice Over Artist and Actor, London (1997 - 2004) *Manager and Marketing Director of the Nirvana Biru Luxury Villa and Retreat, Bali (1997-1999) *Production Coordinator and In-House Voice Over Artist at UPCtv, Amsterdam (1999-2000) *General Manager of 'Proud Galleries' in Central London (2000-2002) *House Manager of the Tricycle Theatre, Cinema & Gallery, London (2002-2004) *International Globetrotter (2004-2006) *India becomes her home and KOKOindia Luxury Travels is established (2007) *Director of KOKOindia Luxury Travels, Travel Writer and Wedding Celebrant (2007-present)


L.L.B Batchelor of Laws in Law
The University of Sussex, England, June 1995