Joanna Lester-George

Partying In Ibiza - destination feature

Planet Goa Vol 3 Issue 6 | May 1st, 2012

The beyond goa partying in ibiza article for planet goa

Ibiza. Without doubt, the most famous party island in the world! And being rather partial to a party myself, I wasn’t at all surprised to find myself back there again last year. Traditionally, holidays in Ibiza have been a heady mix of all night clubbing, absolutely no sleep whatsoever and too-many-friends-crammed-into-one-expensive-villa. For house music lovers, such as myself, dancing the night away to the sounds of the world’s best DJ’s at mega famous clubs like Space and Pacha is an irresistible draw. Ibiza’s reputation since the 1980’s as the inspirational home of electronic music still rings true.

What I love most about Ibiza, however, is that the island has something for everyone. I happily mulled over this fact whilst enjoying a traditionally naughty Ibizan breakfast of churros (chocolate filled pastry) dipped in coffee. Surreptitiously checking out my breakfast companions, I noticed that everyone - from the early morning yoginis to the post-party ravers - were happily lounging around in oversized Diors and ridiculously healthy tans. I wasn’t looking at a scene of party casualties or sanctimonious health freaks here. Everyone looked relaxed and gorgeous.

Ibiza is a ruggedly beautiful little Spanish island just eighty km off the Mediterranean coast of Valencia, and has long been the spiritual home of hippies, ravers, artists and musicians. It also has a thriving international tourist scene, which encourages its modest population of eleven thousand to swell by more than four million tourists every season. Beautiful places of course tend to attract beautiful people, and Ibiza plays host to a jaw droppingly glamorous clientele. In fact the island holds similar attractions to Goa, with its endless sunshine, fabulous beach life and general ‘sousegade’ approach. Just as the monsoon in Goa kicks in, the summer in Ibiza kicks off, making it the perfect follow-on destination for yoga teachers, fashion designers and hedonists alike.