Joanna Lester-George

Review of 'The Little Prince' at Warren Street Theatre

The Brighton Argus | May 24th, 2014 |

The much loved tale of The Little Prince was brought to life with originality and wit by the Northbrook Theatre Company in their captivating stage production at The Warren.

Famously claimed by author Antoine Saint-Exupéry to be “a book for children written for grownups”, the show stayed true to the magic of the original story but with contemporary twists that kept the entire audience roaring with laughter. Slick song and dance routines worked well alongside a clever live music accompaniment and imaginative use of set.

The storyteller is an aviator who crashes in the Sahara Desert and meets a fascinating boy from a tiny, faraway planet. “Grown-ups are really very odd,” the Little Prince declares - hardly surprisingly given the morally repugnant characters he has met along the way. Such encounters are gleefully reenacted by the show’s strong cast of seven - a pompous king with two heads, an unbearably vain Rose played by a gloved red hand and the hauntingly sad Little Prince played by a young woman.

At less than an hour long, this was the kind of formative theatre experience kids could truly revel in - it’s just a shame our little hero couldn’t see how much the Grown Ups loved it too.